Self-Exclusion Policy

If you think that you can't control your gambling anymore, we suggest you self-exclude from gambling with us. In order to start the cooling-off period as mentioned below, you can visit your account settings.

1. Overview

Most people consider gambling to be a pleasant entertainment activity. But gambling may have negative impact on others. As a consequence, we created this policy to show our approach to responsible gambling and minimizing harm to those users who are vulnerable to problem gambling.

2. Responsible Gambling

The definition “responsible gambling” is a broad concept that aims to ensure possible harm from gambling is minimized. It means that people are aware of their personal circumstances as well as possible risks and can handle their gambling behavior. Responsible gambling respects the responsibility of individuals for their own actions, but also acknowledges the of service providers.

3. Problem Gambling

Problem gambling is an urge to gamble continuously despite negative consequences or a desire to stop. Problem gambling occurs when individuals lose control over their gambling, as well as over the amount of money gambled and the amount of time spent.

4. Customer Care Principles

[WEBSITE] aims to be an industry leader in providing a safe environment for our users. We promote responsible gambling practices and provide tools to assist our users in keeping control of their gambling.

5. Responsible Gambling Policy

At, we are pledged to share responsibility, with Governments and communities and individuals, for helping customers control their gambling, and helping problem gamblers to understand their problem and find support.

What we do:

  1. We constantly train our personnel about responsible gambling once a year.
  2. We provide responsible gambling information and messages to all our customers.
  3. We refer our customers with problem gambling to gambling-related support services.
  4. We allow our customers to self-exclude from betting with us either for a short period or forever.

Also, we aim to achieve important accomplishments:

  1. to minimize the extent of gambling related harm to individuals and wider society;
  2. to enable customers to make reasonable decisions about their gambling practices;
  3. to provide customers who have gambling problems with immediate support;
  4. to promote a shared understanding between individuals, communities, the gambling industry and Government of responsible gambling practices;
  5. to ensure the gambling industry provides safe and supportive environments for the delivery of gambling products and services.

6. Underage Players and Filtering Options

We are a responsible service provider and are committed to protecting underage players by taking active steps to exclude them from placing a wager using our betting platforms. The services we provide are designed to be used solely by persons who reached the age of 18.

Filters can be enabled to prevent persons from entering online casinos. If underage players have access to the device that you use to access our betting platforms, we strongly advise you to use filtering software to prevent access to our betting platforms by underage players.

7. Additional Help

If any questions arise, feel free to get in touch with our customer support via or via Live Chat and our support team will be happy to provide you with the details of associations and help phone numbers available in your country.

8. Conditions

Self-exclusion is a voluntary and confidential program that gives anyone the opportunity to take a break from gambling. You should consider self-exclusion if gambling is stressing your health, finances or relationships, or stopping will help you feel more in control.

Self-exclusion means to stop betting or gambling for a set time, which can be permanent or temporary.

When you request one of our self-exclusion time periods, you accept the following terms and conditions, which will come into effect from the moment you get a confirmation e-mail of your chosen self-exclusion, this e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided when registering your account and will specify the date of self-exclusion completion.

Upon receiving an e-mail request for account closure, the requested account and any linked accounts will be placed on a 24-hour cooling-off period which will disable your account and deny your gambling activities. After a 24-hour cooling-off period, till your account remains closed, a customer support member will inform you of our options: the 1-week, 1-month, 6-months and permanent self-exclusions, no other variation. In order to continue with this process, you need to confirm your self-exclusion via e-mail. If you don’t reply within 24 hours, your account will be reopened and confirmed by e-mail.

If after considering our self-exclusion options you decide you would like to proceed with a permanent self-exclusion, you will be required to set an exclusion period when prompted. In certain cases, we can make a decision to place an account on a short self-exclusion period, if we think it is beneficial to the customer. The communication will be held via e-mail. The above terms and conditions will apply.

When a self-exclusion is needed, all remaining funds in your account will be returned to you manually.

You are not entitled to leave any balance in your account during a self-exclusion time period. Also, you may access your account intending to withdraw any funds within the time period of your requested self-exclusion. If your account has any active bets during the self-exclusion period, the Cash Out function will be applied at the point of self-exclusion confirmation. All the bets will not be void. All the stakes will not be returned or remain active during the self-exclusion time period. Bets will not be reinstated upon completion of the self-exclusion period.

As soon as a self-exclusion is applied to your account, it will last until the request time ends. It will not be reversed or decreased for any reason. Permanent self-exclusions will remain closed indefinitely.

We will take all required steps to ensure compliance with our responsible gambling self-exclusion policy. Nevertheless, you agree that we will not be responsible, if you try to register another account. Also, we will not be liable, if you continue to deposit and wager using additional accounts which were not disclosed previously. Any future wagers, Reward funds and entries in any promotions during a requested self-exclusion time will be forfeited, resulting in no return of stakes or payment of winnings. Please note, that we will not be able to reinstate them, if the account is reopened after the self-exclusion period. After self-exclusion you accept the following:

  1. In case you choose a permanent self-exclusion, you should not try to open any new account during this period.
  2. In case you open a new account during a self-exclusion period, we will close any such account at our earliest detection.
  3. It is our responsibility to take reasonable steps to keep you away from gambling on any of our products. It is also the customer’s responsibility not to break these agreed terms.
  4. You should not try to, deposit or place any wager on any of your accounts from which you have requested to be excluded during your self-exclusion period.
  5. A request for self-exclusion is a voluntary request. Thus, in case you proceed to act contrary to such a request, our employees or affiliated persons are not liable for any losses you may suffer. Any losses during your self-exclusion period will not be refunded.
  6. In case you act contrary to your self-exclusion request, or there are any suspicions or further investigation provides evidence that you actively try to disguise the source of your account, we retain discretionary right to cease or void any wagers you place and to take appropriate actions in this regard.
  7. As soon as your temporary self-exclusion comes to an end, your account will be reopened automatically, and you will receive an e-mail confirmation about it to your e-mail address.

Anti-Coin Mixing Policy has a strict anti-coin mixing policy in accordance with our AML procedures specified in our terms and conditions.

In case any deposits or withdrawals are suspected to be attempts to mix coins, we retain the right to hold withdrawals until completion of one of the following procedures:

  1. Withdrawal is sent after full completion of account verification and KYC.
  2. Withdrawal is refunded to the address in which the deposit was made from.
  3. Sufficient gaming process is reached and withdrawal refunded. will always try to resolve every issue, which may arise, and the abovementioned can be changed in specific situations.