How to play

Neodice Machine

Neodice casino presents one of the first cryptocurrency games that appeared in online casinos. And today, thanks to simple rules and a good chance of winning, it remains extremely popular. And unlike traditional casinos, every bitcoin dice bet can be 100% confirmed — this guarantees the fairness of all outcomes.

The most appealing part of the bitcoin dice game is its house edge. While most casino games come with the house edge of about 3-4%, Neodice boasts only 1%. This is one of the minimum indicators that can be seen in an online casino. Thus, Bitcoin games offer profitable gameplay — here you have much more chances to get winnings.

Learn the rules of the game

In order to start playing, it is enough to go through a simple registration procedure and replenish the balance of any of the available crypto-wallets, such as BTC.

During the game, a random number is generated from 0 to 99.99. The player needs to place a bet by choosing one of two options: UNDER or OVER. UNDER assumes that the player is sure that the next roll will be less than the specified number, and OVER, on the contrary, means more.

The player can change the specified number, thus, influencing the chance of winning. The chance of winning is given as a percentage, and the lower the chance, the higher the potential win.

Also, Neocide сasino guarantees fair play and provides an RTP of 99%. And don't forget to read the privacy policy.


The Player can independently influence the chance of winning and the amount of winnings. For this purpose, a slider is provided in the graphical interface of the game, using which the Player can set the chance of winning. The slider can be manipulated 1% per move in the range from 2% to 98% (it is worth mentioning that the actual valid range from 0.01% to 98% is intended for more advanced interface features, for example, for bots or manual input for advanced players).

When the user manipulates the slider, the Multiplier changes along with the chance of winning.


The Multiplier includes an RTP of 99%. Thus, the Multiplier will always be less than 1%, for example:

  • with a 2% chance of winning - the Multiplier will be x49.5
  • with a 50% chance of winning - the Multiplier will be x1.98
  • with a 98% chance of winning - the Multiplier will be x1.01

All calculations are made in real time and are completely transparent to the user. The user sees the potential winnings, which are calculated by the formula:

win amount = bet * multiplier


Use the or buttons to adjust the bet size at any time.

You can also fill in each amount manually. 1.00000000


To finally put your luck to the test, select one of the payout multipliers or
and hit the button.

If you made the right guess, you can brag about your winnings to your friends!