Neodice is a provably fair online casino. We represent a new generation of online casinos where players can be sure that betting results will not be rigged. Neodice uses the Provably Fair System technology, so that the casino cannot influence the outcome of the bet in any way, which means that you always have a good chance of winning.

Provably Fair System

The Provably Fair System (PFS) is a mechanism by which the player can verify in real time that the results of the games were fair. The process is quite technical, so we can try to explain it as simply as possible.

Neodice uses the provably fair algorithm consisting of three main variables:

  • Server seed is the source code of the server, randomly generated and provided to the player in an encrypted (hashed) form. That is why it cannot be used to deceive or determine the outcome of future games. It is required for verification by third-party software to prove that the game you were playing was not rigged.
  • Client seed is the initial value of the client (word, phrase or random set of characters), usually generated by the player's browser (which can be changed by the player at any time). This value is used to configure the random number generation process. In other words, the outcome of the game you play is partly determined by the fact that the casino has no influence, which guarantees fairness.
  • Nonce is a number that grows in parallel with the bets made by the player within the current seed pair. With nonce, the same combination of server seed and client seed can be used as many times as possible without ever producing the same results.

For more information, please visit https://www.provably.com.

How it works

Before starting the game, a Server seed is generated for you. Since you get it in advance, Neodice cannot change it later. However, it is encrypted, so you cannot calculate your own results in advance either.

Your browser generates a random Client seed. However, you can and should configure this setting before starting. Thus, you can be sure that the casino does not know about the Client seed earlier and has no influence on it.

Every time you place a bet, the Nonce is increased by one and corresponds to the number of bets you have made.

Then, by connecting the Server seed, Client seed and Nonce, we calculate a special hash, after which, using mathematical calculations, we get the final number in the range from 0,00 to 99,99.

You can rotate seed pair at any time or it will happen once a day automatically.

How can I check this

Neodice does not hide the implementation of the RNG algorithm, provides a special online verifier, as well as the ability to check fairness of any bet at any time.

Thus, Provably Fair System makes our gameplay 100% transparent and safe. This ensures that there are no background manipulations and the results of the games are truly random.

Best practice

  • Change the Client Seed when you start playing on the website.
  • Copy and keep Server Seed hash and Client Seed separately.
  • Change the Server Seed every once in a while and verify your bets (at least a few of them).
  • After every randomization of the Server Seed, also randomize (change) the Client Seed.
  • When you manually create the Client Seed do not use simple, easily predictable words. It is better to generate it with a cryptographic random number generator.